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Esoji gift card is available $20 and up.

When you purchase $50 or more in gift cards, 10% or more of

FREE BONUS VALUE is added to the gift card from ESOJI.

Your purchase Your gift card value
$50 $55
$60 $66
$70 $77
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$100 $115


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This promotion is good for gift card/ prepaid card purchases through August 31, 2015.

We are open, now.

Designed by Sarah Haynes

We are finally open!!

We are still working on interior…….but

We are ready to serve you sushi and more!

Sorry, we do NOT have the liquor license yet.

Due to the liquor law, customers are NOT allowed to bring in own alcohol.

Please enjoy nonalcoholic beer-taste drink, Asahi Dry Zero imported from Japan.

Please come to see us again.